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Me & My Approach...

Relive the memories for the rest of your lives

I want you to watch your films over and over and over, not just because it looks amazing, but because it transports you back to the most incredible day of your lives. 

Just imagine after your wedding, being able to sit in your front room and watch your wedding film, turning to each other and saying "wow, that really was a special day".

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About Me.

Hey, I'm James and I'm the happy-chappy behind Chumley Films.

I'm a proud husband to my superwomen of a wife, Lucy, and Dad to our two beautiful little girls, Penelope & Mabel. I'm a pretty normal guy; I like to eat good food and pretend that it's healthy for me. I'm also a self-confessed 'The Office US' addict, but that's not really something to boast about - that's what she said.


I genuinely adore what I do. The couples, the nerves and excitement, the whole occasion is just so unique and it's certainly something I'll never get tired of! Hopefully we're a good match!

You don't need to know this, but...

What 'old-person' things do you do?

I do have quite the reputation from my friends as 'the old man' and is it warranted? Absolutely it is. I could watch 'Love It or List It' or 'Location, Location, Location' all night. Oh, and I can't live without Yorkshire Tea.

"I bet you're fun at parties" I hear you say to yourself, but trust me, I actually am...

What's something that people might be surprised to hear about you?

This is quite a nice follow-on from the previous answer actually. So, I actually used to DJ in clubs and at some pretty decent festivals. I've been on line-ups with Oliver Heldens, Faithless, Craig David, MK and Basement Jaxx, to name a few! It does feel like a different lifetime though, but I've got the posters to prove it!

What do you pretend to hate, but actually love?

Bad jokes. When someone lands one on me I always say "wow that was bad" but deep down I'm like... "that's going straight into the vault of bad dad jokes for me to use later" - sorry not sorry!

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Why I love what I do

The end goal is for you to have a timeless cinematic film which reflects your wedding day.

I truly believe that the best way to achieve this is to help create an environment which is relaxed and allows you both to enjoy the experience as much as possible.


With my minimalistic-style, I'll maybe drop a few silly dad-jokes and laugh through the day with you to make sure the camera isn't always at the forefront of your attention.

"People asked how long I'd known James for as we seemed to have been friends for ages! I couldn't have asked for more from him." 
- Shannon & Elliott

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My kitbag includes....

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