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Hey there!

I'm James and I'm the guy behind Chumley Films!

That's me, on my wedding day. Sweaty palms, watery eyes, heart racing... so I get how it feels!

I've taken what I've learnt from my first hand experience as a groom and applied that knowledge into what I believe YOU would want!

My Approach...


My mission is pretty simple; to create a timeless wedding film without you feeling like you've been in-front of a camera all day. 

I take a totally 'fly-on-the-wall' approach throughout the day and mingle in with your guests, capturing REAL moments, as they happen. I'll seamlessly tag along with your photographer too, so that I don't miss a thing!

I truly believe that the combination of my fun/easy-going approach and minimal equipment allows me to get the most authentic results to create a beautiful story of your special day.

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