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Hi, I'm James! Coming from a creative background, I'm super passionate about delivering high quality films that will have you watching over and over again!

Being married myself, I know first hand that the last thing you want on your wedding day is a big camera being shoved in your face and being directed here, there and everywhere! That's why I take a discrete and non-intrusive approach on your special day and aim to capture all those incredible moments without you really even noticing I'm there!

I'm really easy to get along with and love getting to know couples before their big day, just to make everything that little bit easier!



I'll try not to bore you here, but here are a few reasons why I love what I do...

Firstly, being able to be a part of amazing people's special day is a true joy!! Being surrounded by genuine happiness between family, friends and relatives is a blessing and I'm sure I'll never grow tired of it!

I just love making films. Honestly. I know that you've probably read this on every website you've visited, but I'm honestly telling the truth.

For as long as I can remember, I've had some underlying need to create things that people enjoy. It could've been a music playlist, a poster for an event or everything in-between! Which is why I'm so passionate and particular about creating something that you will love forever!

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