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Packages & Prices

"wholeheartedly the best money we spent on our wedding"

Hey! Thanks so much for making it this far and expressing your interest in my services for your wedding day. Hopefully we're heading in the right direction for you to secure your date with me! Below is some more information about my packages and what's involved.

If you do have any further questions then I'll be more than happy to jump on a call with you, or if you're texters - then you can shoot any queries over that way!


Always included

All of the awesome things below are included in every package

Drone Footage

Weather & area permitting, I'll put the drone up at the start of the day to get some footage of your venue. The perfect way to start your film!

All Day Coverage

I'll be there at least 2 hours before your ceremony and an hour after your first dance! But don't worry, I don't clock watch!

Professional Edit & Colour

Your films are always professionally edited and colours are enhanced for your viewing pleasure! 

Audio Sweetening & Music License

All the audio from the day which features in your film will be enhanced to a high quality & all the music used is licence-free! Which means it's ready to share (show off) on socials!

Online viewing link

All film packages are delivered online through VidFlow. You can share, stream and cast your films onto your TV at home - how great is that!?

Pre-Wedding Calls

I'm always here to talk to and for you to fire questions at. About 2/3 weeks before your wedding we'll have a catch up to go over all the details of the day!

The Highlights


7 Minute Highlights Film

Teaser Film within 7 days

Endless Love


7 Minute Highlights Film

Ceremony in Full

Speeches in Full

First Dance in Full

Teaser Film within 7 days

The Ultimate Memory


20 Minute Feature Film

Minute Short Highlight Film

Ceremony in Full

Speeches in Full

First Dance in Full

Teaser Film within 7 days

Your Highlights Package

Your Highlights Package includes coverage from one videographer (me) who arrives with you around 2-3 hours before your ceremony start time and stays with you all the way through until an hour after your first dance - we'll be best friends by then!

I'll be there to capture the preparations before The Ceremony, first looks with loved family members and grabbing footage of things that you might have missed while you're experiencing all those pre-wedding nerves!

Although you won't receive your Ceremony and Speeches in their entirety in this package, The Ceremony and Speeches are recorded using 2 cameras on tripods. I also use tiny audio devices which allow me to use bits of your ceremony and speeches audio in your final film!

Think you might want to upgrade to the Endless Love Package? No Problem!

Your Endless Love Package

The Endless Love Package is the my most in-demand option and for good reason.

This package includes everything from the Highlights Package, but also gives you the ability to rewatch your Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance in their entirety. The 7-minute cinematic film allows you to step back into the day that you tied the knot, featuring all your loved ones, beautiful decor and crisp movie-like sounds - you'll love this film forever!

Click through the tabs below to get an idea of how your package would shape up!

Think you might want to upgrade to the Ultimate Memory Package? Keep scrolling!

Your Ultimate Memory Package

This is 'the big one'. The Ultimate Memory Package is the largest package I offer with the longest length film, which means if you've got loads going on during your big day, this one might be for you! A 20 Minute film means there's lots more clips used and more cuts of your ceremony and speeches to create your own cinematic wedding MOVIE!

You can get an idea from what's included by taking a look through the tabs below!

Enhancer Options

RAW Footage // £200

Includes all the clips from off my camera so you don't miss a thing!

Excludes Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance

Second Videographer // £350

Add on another videographer to be there on your day for even more footage and angles of the key moments!

Speedy Delivery // £250

Jump the queue and have your film(s) back within 3 weeks of your wedding!

Personalised USB Box // £50

Get a hard copy of your films to have incase the internet blows up!

The next steps...

Let's have a discovery call to discuss which package might be best for you, it's always a good idea to chat to your suppliers before bookings anything!

OR drop me an email/DM with which package you'd likethen I can send the deposit information for you to secure your date!

See for yourself!

Click the screens to the right to see how your

films are delivered

I deliver your films using a super cool online platform called VidFlow. For 10 years, this allows you to stream, share and download your films to any device at any time!

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