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The Ultimate Memory Package

The big boy. This is the package which I recommend to couples who want a documentary-style film of their day.

Feature Film

The Feature Film is essentially an extended Highlights Film - which means it's full of the best moments, small details and features more of your day than the other packages. It's usually approximately 20 minutes and edited to cinematic music to transport you back to your special day.

The music used is licence-free, which means you can share it on your social media without it being removed or restricted. 

Short Highlights Film

As a little Brucey-bonus, you also get a short 2-3 minute highlights film which you can share on your socials, save on your phone or watch on the fly. This has been another one of those ideas I had, for the couples who want to re-watch their day but don't want to sit through a full 20 minute film!

Full Ceremony & Speeches

By choosing this package, you receive a multi-cam video of both your ceremony and speeches. This means you can kick-back and rewatch your full ceremony/speeches as if you were a guest. The videos are delivered as individual files so you can pick and choose what you'd like to view.

First Dance

A beautiful touch and something most other videographers (I've seen) don't actually offer. I do this, because it's one of my most cherished clips from my own wedding, so I wanted to give you the option to have this too! It's one continuous 2/3 minute clip of the first dance with audio taken directly into the camera. 

Teaser Film

This is pretty nifty. Within 7 days of your wedding day, I'll create a short teaser to keep you excited for the final films! I tend to share these onto Instagram, which allows you to share it directly with your family/friends. 

I can also send this to you too.. which brings me onto my next point nicely!

Digital Downloads

Your films are delivered digitally, using a website called VidFlow. On this website you can view and download your films really easily. It's also as easy as it gets to cast the film straight onto your smart TV!

This site is ace, because it allows you to share the link with family and friends and they can watch it whenever they have internet connection! 

Let's do it!

What's included?

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